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[English]Vinaconex p&c joint stock company coordinated with the leaders of thuong xuan district and xuan minh hydro power joint stock company to organize planting festival.

09:24, 02/03/2020

    Following the teachings of President Ho Chi Minh, the annual planting movement on the occasion of Lunar New Year has become a Vietnamese beautiful traditional custom. On March 1st, 2020, Vinaconex P&C Joint Stock Company cooperated with the leaders of District Party Committee, People’s Committee of Thuong Xuan District and Xuan Minh Hydro Power Plant to organize a planting festival “Enternal gratitude to Uncle Ho” at the construction sites such as Xuan Minh Hydro Power Plant Area, Ban Ma Recreation Center of Xuan Cam commune, etc. In addition to planting trees, the delegation also released a large amount of fish and aquatic species into Xuan Minh Hydroe Power Reservoir to protect and develop aquatic resources. Participants of the ceremony included:

  • Regarding the District Party Committee, People’s Committee of Thuong Xuan district: Mr. Do Xuan Nam – Secretary of District Party Committee; Mr. Cam Ba Xuan  – Chairman of District People’s Committee. Besides, representatives of town and district departments also attended the festival.
  • Representative of Vinaconex P&C Joint Stock Company: Mr. Pham Bao Long – Standing Deputy General Director of the Company.
  • On the side of Xuan Minh Hydro Power Joint Stock Company: Mr. Pham Quang Minh – Company Director.

Representatives of units participating in the Fish Release and Planting Ceremony

    The Company is stationed in the area surrounded by a large quantity of protective forests, special-use forests of Thuong Xuan district and artificial forests of the people. Due to the harsh climate with various potential risks of floods and other natural disasters, the number of trees here is significantly reduced. Being aware of planting trees to protect the environment, protecting property for people, the Company’s leaders and plants have regularly educated, raised the awareness and responsibility for all employees to protect trees and the environment. When environmental activities such as planting trees, environmental sanitation, etc. are organized by the superior or local authorities, all employees of the Company have always participated in enthusiastically; actively propagandized and mobilized people to be willing to join with the Company’s units to protect the living and working environment, build a clean and beautiful local community and homeland.

Representatives of units planted trees at Xuan Minh Hydro Power Plant campus

    This activity has greatly contributed to promoting the socialization of greenery planting in construction sites and workplaces; at the same time to raising the awareness and responsibility of the Company’s staff and local people in protecting watershed forests, proactively preventing and fighting against natural disasters, regulating the climate, improving the ecological environment, beautifying the natural landscape as well as developing the society and economy of the country. This is also a very meaningful activity of officials and party members in the Company in order to welcome the Fourth Party General Meeting of the Company, term 2020-2025.

Representatives and leaders of units released fishes at Xuan Minh Hydro Power Reservoir

Representatives and leaders of units planted trees at Ban Ma Recreation Center campus, Xuan Cam commune.