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Vinaconex P&C affirmed its capacity as a general contractor for construction and installation of hydropower projects

18:22, 07/05/2020

Founded on May 18, 2004, the first name was Cua Dat Hydroelectric Joint Stock Company , now Vinaconex Energy Construction and Investment Development Joint Stock Company (Vinaconex P&C). The original function and mission of the Company was to invest in building Cua Dat hydroelectric plant.

After mastering technology and being proactive in managing and operating Cua Dat Hydroelectric Plant, the Company has expanded its operations to technical services to optimize human resources and improve income. For employees with the motto: "Take the quality reputation as the first" as the fields: Real estate construction investment, equipment installation supervision supervision; Training and developing human resources for repairing, operating and initially achieving certain results.

Realizing hydropower is a strength, Vinaconex P & C continued success is p Co. subsidiary to invest in new projects as both a company mother , both as general contractor for construction of civil works.

Bai Thuong hydropower project was started construction in May 2015 , the project is located on the left of Bai Thuong dam of Chu river irrigation system in Xuan Duong commune, Thuong Xuan district - Thanh Hoa, away from the factory. Cua hydroelectric plant is about 10km downstream with a installed capacity of 6MW for both units, the total investment of the project is VND 170 billion with an annual electricity output of 24.9 million KWh. Over nearly 2 years of construction, in November 2016, Bai Thuong hydropower plant officially produced both commercial units.

To be trusted by the authorities, partners and capacities of Vinaconex P&C through the implementation of projects. In 2016 , the Company continued to invest in building Xuan Minh hydroelectric project. Xuan Minh Hydropower Project is the third step hydropower plant in the planning of Chu river flow after Cua Dat and Bai Thuong hydropower projects, with an installed capacity of 15MW, including 2 units with an output of electricity. The annual average is 66.1 million kWh. On 20 September 2018, commercial electricity generation of unit 1 and on October 7, 2018 of commercial electricity generation of unit 2, exceeded 6 months compared to the plan. Hydropower projects Xuan Minh was the management of the State Agency for inspection and appreciated for the quality output , construction progress , construction safety, quality ene ng and sanitation for the school and ng.

The confidence of major shareholders as well as the partners. Early 2020, the company contracted T pipe repair contractors, renovation and equipment upgrades hydropower plants Dak glun - Binh Complies c , so far the repair, renovation was completed and Investor reviews the report . With its reputation in the field of construction contract for hydroelectric projects, skinny April 20, 2020, the Company has signed a map pipe contractor of construction, supply and installation of mechanical equipment Hydro; installation of electro-mechanical equipment for the plant; observation equipment of Dak RoBaye hydroelectric project in Kon Tum province.


These successes are the basis for the Company's leaders to plan future development strategies with the commitment: to serve and meet the highest requirements of customers in terms of quality, progress, costs and work efficiency c. All have shown the prestige and position of Vinaconex P&C has been affirmed in the domestic market .