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Organizing the signing and announcement ceremony of bond investment VCP.BOND.2020 TPBank, MBS & VCP .

07:32, 22/05/2020

   On May 21, 2020 at the Office of Vinaconex - Vinaconex P&C Investment Construction and Development Joint Stock Company took place "The signing and announcement ceremony of VCP.BOND.2020 bonds TPBank, MBS & VCP" between company laced  Vinaconex P&C (VCP), the Joint stock Commercial Bank Tien Phong (Tien Phong Bank) , the advisory unit is the MB Securities Joint Stock Company (MBS)

Attending the ceremony were the representatives:

1. Representative of MB Securities Company:

- Mr. Tran Hai Ha - General Director

- Mr. Le Huy - Deputy Director

- Mr. Vu Manh Hoa - Director of Bond Investment

- Ms. Doan Thanh Xuan: Deputy Head of Risk Management Department

2. Representatives of Bank stock commercial Ti Joel Room

- Ms. Truong Thi Hoang Lan - Deputy General Director

- Ms. Hoang Thu Ngan - Deputy Director

- Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong Giang - Investment Director.

3. Representative of Vinaconex P&C Company:

- Mr. Vu Ngoc  Tu - Chairman of the Board

- Mr. Trinh Nguyen Khanh - Head of Supervisory Board

- Mr. Pham Van Minh - General Director

- Mr. Pham Bao Long - Deputy General Director

- Mr. Đo Vuong Cuong - Deputy General Director

- Ms. Nghiem Quynh Chi - Director of Supervisory Board

  Along with the positive performance in recent times, TPBank's cooperation in investing in Vinaconex P&C 's bond package shows appreciation for cooperation opportunities and development prospects of Vinaconex P&C . By signing this cooperation and issuing bonds , Vinaconex P&C Joint Stock Company (VCP) will mobilize a capital source to continue investing in a series of energy development projects such as hydroelectricity, wind power. , solar power, biomass energy ... According to the policy of the Board of Directors, in the future, VCP will continue to develop sustainably with the goal of becoming a leading enterprise operating in the field of energy development investment. clean, renewable energy in Vietnam .Organizing the signing and announcement ceremony of bond investment VCP.BOND.2020 TPBank, MBS & VCP .

Some pictures of the signing ceremony: