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[English]Cua Dat Hydroelectric Plant speeds up the overhaul of Unit 1 (H1)

16:39, 13/02/2020

    Implementing the equipment repair plan for Cua Dat hydroelectric plant in 2020, Vinaconex Power Development and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company - Vinaconex P&C has overhauled the H1 unit of Cua Dat Hydroelectric Plant in accordance with the approved plan.

    Items to be overhauled include: Checking the status and specifications of all equipment of the unit after 5 years of operation; Overhaul work including inspection, calibration testing, maintenance, repair and overcome of defects of the entire electromechanical equipment of the unit, etc. After the overhaul, the unit is targeted to ensure the manufacturers’ technical standards, as well as industry standards, contributing to the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the unit.

Mr. Vuong Hoang Minh and the Missions checked the overhaul of Unit 1 at the engine compartment.

    In order to increase the labor productivity as well as speed up the overhaul of H1 unit, on February 13th, 2020, the leader delegation of Vinaconex P&C Joint Stock Company consisted of: Mr. Vuong Hoang Minh – General Director; Mr. Pham Bao Long – Standing Deputy General Director; Mr. Trinh Nguyen Khanh – Head of Supervision Board; Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuong – Chairman of Trade Union, together with Directors of Professional Boards, came to the scene to inspect, visit, encourage staffs of the Plant and direct the safe and effective implementation, at the same time, direct and solve all problems arising during the overhaul.

    The overhaul of Unit 1 of Cua Dat Hydroelectric Plant was commenced on January 30th, 2020 and is expected to be completed within 45 days. However, with the efforts of all staffs of Cua Dat Hydroelectric Plant, along with the guidance from the Leader Board and the Plant, the overhaul progress is expected to be completed before the deadline, contributing to ensure the energy security, supplying electricity to the electricity system in the dry season of 2020, as well as saving both time and manpower for the continuance of Cua Dat hydroelectric plant operation and repair in the next period.